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This page is made available for StreamServe customers and their interlocutors to provide further information on the compliance of electronic signatures used in the StreamServe EU-Invoicing™ solution.

Electronic Signature compliance
To meet legal requirements for electronic signatures, the StreamServe EU-Invoicing™ solution uses technology, services and certificates from TrustWeaver.

Advanced Electronic Signatures (all countries included except DE)
For invoicing in, from or to SE, NO, DK, FI, UK, IE, NL, BE and FR, a certificate will be issued to the invoice sending organization by the TrustWeaver Certification Authority (TW-CA) under the tailor-made Advanced e-Invoicing Compliance Certificate Policy. The TW-CA is based on widely accepted standards for trusted services in the European Union. All documentation of the TW-CA, including certificates, is in English.

The following chart summarizes how certificates issued by the TrustWeaver CA, used in conjunction with StreamServe, supports Advanced Electronic Signatures:

An Advanced Electronic Signature is an electronic signature which meets the following requirements:

TW-CA Advanced e-Invoicing Compliance Certificate Policy summary

(a) it is uniquely linked to the signatory.

Certificates under the TW-CA Advanced e-Invoicing Compliance Certificate Policy can be issued to organizations in different countries. Each country might have different practices and options for identifying legal persons. In all cases, however, organizations are identified through a comparison between organization-provided identity information with information made available for identification purposes by a governmental or commercial party offering a level of trustworthiness at least equivalent to a national trade register such as those used in the European Union. Certificate activation is performed by an “appointee” who is formally delegated by an authorized representative of the certificate holder to accept certain certificate holder terms and conditions (a “digital identity agreement”) on its behalf. The name of the certificate holder must be unique under this policy,

(b) it is capable of identifying the signatory.

The unique link between signatures created with certificates under the TW-CA Advanced e-Invoicing Compliance Certificate Policy can be verified through standard technical digital signature validation (hash comparison) combined with verification of the corporate identity information described in the certificate’s “subject distinguished name”.

(c) it is created using means that the signatory can maintain under his sole control.

The private key associated with the public key embedded in certificates issued under the TW-CA Advanced e-Invoicing Compliance Certificate Policy is locally generated by the certificate holder. The certificate holder can keep the key under its sole control and is contractually held to protect the key from compromise.

(d) it is linked to the data to which it relates in such a manner that any subsequent change of the data is detectable.

Certificates issued under the TW-CA Advanced e-Invoicing Compliance Certificate Policy are meant for use with digital signatures, which have the ability to technically establish integrity protection as one of their defining features.

Qualified Electronic Signatures (DE only)
Formally, these signatures are referred to as “advanced electronic signatures which are based on a Qualified Certificate and which are created by a Secure-Signature-Creation Device”. Of the countries supported by the StreamServe EU-Invoicing™ solution, only DE requires a Qualified Electronic Signature. 

For invoicing in, from or to DE, the StreamServe EU-Invoicing™ solution uses TrustWeaver’s “signing service”, which will sign your invoices with a Qualified Certificate and Secure Signature Creation Device issued by an appropriately accredited German Certification Authority. Once appropriate invoice data are available for signing, StreamServe will automatically route these to the TrustWeaver signing service over a secure connection. The TrustWeaver signing service returns an invoice signed in compliance with German law.

Important: to correctly verify the electronic signatures on electronic invoices, you need the certificate of the Certification Authority that has issued the signing certificate. You can download and install the appropriate Certification Authority’s certificate from

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