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Buena Vista Home Entertainment

Scandinavian company Buena Vista Home Entertainment AB, a subsidiary of the Disney Group, sells about 12 million DVDs per year, primarily to video stores and superstores. The company's challenge was to achieve efficient payment flows and reduce costs by automating and streamlining the invoicing process.

The Scandinavian company is the first subsidiary of the Disney Group to use the StreamServe Enterprise Document Presentment® (EDP) solution for efficient payment flows and flexible invoice management.

Buena Vista has about 10,000 customers in Scandinavia. All Disney films sold in Scandinavia - around 12 million DVDs per year - are handled by Buena Vista, which sells primarily to video stores and superstores.

Customer service inquiries spike when new titles are released, so it is imperative to achieve efficient payment flows when a high volume of invoices are being sent out, as problems can necessitate costly manual management.

"StreamServe provides amazingly easy management of invoices and credit invoices in SAP's business system. Support for OMR has radically reduced manual work associated with invoice management. We can't get support from our SAP system in such a flexible way.

"StreamServe EDP reduces costs by 40 per cent compared to the costs of producing invoices solely using our SAP business system. The more types of documents we have, the greater the savings. The investment has paid for itself many times over."

Robert Börlin, IT Manager,
Buena Vista Home

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