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Adobe® LiveCycle® Production Print ES software combines StreamServe's industry leading high-performance document composition server and development environment with Adobe LiveCycle Designer ES software, and is a solution component in the Adobe LiveCycle Enterprise Suite family that your organization can use to deliver personalized, multichannel communications.

LiveCycle Production Print ES is ideally suited to perform high-volume jobs through efficient batch processes, generating documents such as statements, invoices, contracts, or welcome kits. Merge XML, ASCII or other data types from back-end systems with Adobe LiveCycle Designer ES templates to generate documents in a broad range of print or electronic formats, including AFP and IJPDS to support high volume production requirements. Customize print document packages by collecting multiple jobs over time and then grouping them to minimize your mailing costs. Or, convert AFP or PDF files to any supported output format.

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Press Release:
StreamServe Enters Into Agreement with Adobe for Next Generation Dynamic Enterprise Publishing

Media Coverage:
Adobe talks with OutputLinks about its long history in the output industry, successes in high volume transaction output, and its LiveCycle Production Print ES.

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