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StreamServe Insurance

Smarter Correspondence Works
Across Generations

Insurance customers value prompt, clear and convenient correspondence. It’s key to customer satisfaction and loyalty, especially when resolving claims.

  • Personalized correspondence engages customers and fosters loyalty
  • Easy-to-use design environment significantly reduces the time to introduce new products or comply with jurisdictional mandates
  • Patented technology can process data from legacy systems, applications, archives and the web
  • High volume, high-availability support proven in over 5,000 installations worldwide
  • SAP Endorsed Business Solution: SAP for Insurance

The challenge comes in meeting generational expectations of “prompt and convenient.”

Paper mail and phone calls still satisfy older customers. But younger customers expect rapid, electronic communication.

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OZ Health Insurance

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StreamServe automatically and cost-efficiently accommodates each customer’s channel of choice—traditional or electronic. And it can expand to cover new channels as they evolve.

With no change to existing business systems, StreamServe introduces a complete, modern document management environment, from creation and composition through to high-volume production and multi-channel, environmentally friendly delivery.

The result is “prompt and convenient” correspondence, as the customer wants it, now and tomorrow, too.

StreamServe Insurance Rich Environment Reduces Costs and Streamlines Business Processes

StreamServe’s rich environment off-loads document overhead from insurance systems and processes. This can improve their performance, extend their life and rejuvenate their ROI.

More important, it streamlines document processes with no change to existing systems, while significantly enhancing your ability to leverage regular correspondence. For example, Collections and Disbursements or life-event policy notifications can also inform customers about personally relevant, complimentary products.

StreamServe patented technology can automatically incorporate such individualized information, even under tight deadlines and at very high volumes.

Clearer and smarter correspondence also precludes many customer-service calls. During necessary calls, representatives can view the same document the customer received, which speeds the resolution of questions.

The net results are better customer satisfaction at lower cost, and higher, ongoing ROI on both equipment and staff.

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